The personal style Marlis Jermutus has developed includes a period of deep meditation before painting, which brings a release of intuitive impressions during the process of creation.

From meditation to chaos, Marlis moves from a quiet organized preparation to a whirl of flying colors and materials drawn from an alchemist's collection of pigments and natural and crafted elements. Visitors are astonished at the speed of her dance as she selects and applies these elements with direction from a mind in energetic freedom.

While following the "traces" of images in her work, like following tracks in the snow, transcendence of the mundane allows for the observer's entrance into a vast space where free association plays in one's consciousness.

Marlis uses a language of form that takes the mind's sensual impression of the painting, and enables a cognitive transformation into the realm of the metaphysical. A perceptive observer can enter into a dialog with this world of abstract metaphor.

digital art with Painter software & Macintosh hardware