Pelorian Pages
"abnormal normality in a structure normally abnormal"

Starseed Music
innerspace music from Marlis, Rasa and Bastian

Pelorian Pages YouTube Channel
all the Pelorian videos

Deer in the Yard
a visit with our deer friends

Alex Grey
master visionary artist

Anselm Kiefer
German neoexpressionistic master

Swiss surrealist artist

Claus Sautter
photographer extraordinaire

Eric Bergland
international recording artist and healer

from the Cosmic Internet Academy

Dorothea Joyce
"performance healer"

Neuro Linguistic Programming
the map is not the territory

Orgone Lab
"Building Upon the Discoveries of Wilhelm Reich, M.D."


Lama Wangdor Rimpoche
Tibetan Buddhist monk and teacher

Sogyal Rimpoche
Tibetan Buddhist teacher and author of
The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

David Iona
Integral Sculptor, Poet, Zen Sensei, Mystic Psychonaut

Ken Wilber
"I happen to believe the manifest world is an interwoven network of interpenetrating processes" - Ken Wilber

Deepak Chopra
"How should two people treat each other if they both know God?
Like a musician touching his violin with utmost care to caress the final note." - Hafiz

Stanislav Grof
holotropic breathwork

Leonard Orr
conscious energy breathing

remedies for animals and humans

Ram Dass
"drawn to action by heart-felt passion"

Rupert Sheldrake
best known for his controversial theory of "formative causation" which implies a non-mechanistic universe, governed by laws which themselves are subject to change

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